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Recent publications


Fiction, speculative and otherwise.


“The Gravedigger” short story for The Markaz Review

“A Lullaby for Moonbeams” short story commissioned by B7L9 Art Station for the exhibition “Here After” 

“The Eleventh Hour” short story for Translunar Travelers Lounge

“Native Country” short story for Strange Horizons 

“A Map of the End” short story for The Skirt Chronicles, Volume VII


« je suis devenu·e le ciel » poem for Débridé, la revue littéraire #2 

« Dans la nuit des hommes » short story for the book À la chicha edited by nouvelles vagues and Kulte éditions 

Essays, articles, and so on.

“As if It Were True” essay for The Funambulist’s Correspondents series
“Footnotes of Desire”
on Mohammad Shawky Hassan’s Bashtaalak Sa’at for Berlinale Forum 

“Beyond Colonial Monumentality” essay for The Funambulist’s Correspondents series 

“Let Them Take Mars” for +972 Magazine 

“The Incident with the White Sneakers” for The Maine Review