Karim Kattan is a writer. He holds a doctoral degree in comparative literature from Paris Nanterre University.

In French, his books include a collection of short stories, Préliminaires pour un verger futur (2017), and a novel, Le Palais des deux collines (2021), which were both published by the Tunis-based Éditions Elyzad.

In English, his work has appeared in The Paris Review, Strange Horizons, The Maine Review+972 Magazine, The Funambulist, and more.

He was one of the co-founders and directors of el-Atlal, an arts and writing residency in the oasis of Jericho (Palestine).

His writing was featured in the French Pavilion at the 58th Venice Biennale in 2019, at the 12a Bienal Internacional de Arquitetura de São Paulo, at the MMAG Foundation, and in other venues. 

Karim is the host of Midnight Ocean, a show on Radio alHara that airs live at midnight every Friday. 

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Barakunan, Electronic Literature Festival link

“A Map of the End”, short story for The Skirt Chronicles, Volume VII link

“A Fever Dream of Dictators” for +972 Magazine link

“The Incident with the White Sneakers” for The Maine Review link  

Mixtape “Invitation to an Intergalactic Voyage” for Radio Karantina (Beirut, Lebanon) link

Mixtape “Ever New” for Radio Karantina (Beirut, Lebanon) link

“Are we not allowed to be Palestinian on Instagram?” article for +972 Magazine link

Moderator and panelist for the Virtual Symposium organized by Arquetopia Foundation, “The End of the Grand Tour?” (Puebla, Mexico) link

“Chronique d’une disparition annoncée” for Lundi Matin link

“Ce qui reste de lumière” short story for divine zine (Tangier, Morocco) link

“In Which We Become Lakes” care package and text prepared for MMAG Foundation (Amman) link

“Palestinians were a security risk. Now we’re a health hazard, too” article for +972 Magazine link

“Reclaiming Language Inside Out: Our Maps, Words, Bodies, and Roots” in conversation with Jehan Bseiso for The Funambulist link


“A Radiance” short story for Dia a Dia magazine by team614 for the 12a Bienal Internacional de Arquitetura de São Paulo link

“A Slightly Deviated Star” text for the Mophradat online library link

Round-table at Librairie Maupetit / Actes Sud (Marseille, France) link

Talk at the Alliance française with Jadd Hilal (Paris, France)

La Nuit des Écrivains (Brussels, Belgium) link

SaLMA, Salon du Livre du Monde Arabe (Nancy, France) link

Arquetopia Summer 2019 Academic Residency (Puebla, Mexico) link

Co-writer of the script for Deep See Blue Surrounding You by Laure Prouvost, French Pavilion of the Venice Biennale,  May 11 - November 24 2019 link

Semaine Arabe de l’École normale supérieure (Paris) with Ali Bécheur and éditions Elyzad, April 8, 2pm link

Round-table at the Palais du Luxembourg / Sénat (Paris, France) on March 30

Writing residency in Manosque for Begat Theater / Voyages Immobiles, March 20-23 link

Round table at Le Tarmac, la scène internationale francophone in Paris, on March 18 link

Contribution to the bétonsalon catalogue for the exhibition “Position Latérale de Sécurité” (Paris, France) link